NFS mount on Dreambox – Newnigma2

On my Dreambox (dm800se) I use several NFS mounts exported by my home server.
When this NFS server is not available and you try to access the share via the “Media Player” your Dreambox locks up. It keeps waiting for the NFS share to come up and provide data and since this is not going to happen the Dreambox hangs forever.

I resolved this by editing the automounts.xml file (which is in /etc/enigma2) and add “soft” to all your NFS mounts.
The part should look like this:ro,nolock,tcp,soft

For example


5 thoughts on “NFS mount on Dreambox – Newnigma2

  1. Bob

    Hi there mate. I am trying for some time now to link my Synology NAS to my DM800.

    This is what I use to mount it

    mount -t nfs -o rw,nolock /media/net

    It gives me the message
    mount: failed reason given by server Permission denied.

    Would you have any idea for help?
    I would appreciate that very much

    1. Josef Post author

      Hi there,

      the mount command looks good to me. It seems as there is a permission problem on the NAS.

      There might be some options you can set regarding exporting NFS (and who is allowed to mount it) on the Synology admin center but since I don’t own such a device I can only guess.

  2. Bzibziak

    Hi there,

    First of all check your path. It has to be correct (volume name, folder name). Otherwise you will get this error message.
    Then go to Control Panel at your NAS DSM.Choose desired folder and click “Permissions”. Then choose NFS permissions. Create a new client with the rigt IP numer (DM800SE IP number or its network IP range if it is not static). Check read/write permissions and… that’s it!!! ;)

    Good luck!

  3. Jan

    Hi all, i have problem with nfs sharing between dm800se and synology. Sharing works great for week or two, but after time the dream go to disconnect and mount point is unmounted. After restart or after mounting NAS again sharing works well for next week or two. I created macro for periodically ping to NAS ip address every minuts via cron, but problem is not solved. Can you help me ?

    1. titi

      How your dreambox IP is set? DHCP or fix? if dreambox IP is different even if you collect it , it can be permission problen on NAS side for new IP

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