Basic configuration of Cisco Catalyst switch

Some time ago I was asked to do a basic configuration of a Cisco Catalyst Switch. Apart from applying a correct VLAN configuration I did the following:

  • Configure NTP
  • Create user
  • Set enable password
  • Configure remote logging

Configure NTP

switch1(config)#ntp server
switch1(config)#clock timezone CEST +1
switch1(config)#clock summer-time CEST recurring

run “show ntp status” and check for “Clock is synchronized” Please use the correct timezone for your location.

Create User

switch1(config)#username user privilege 15 secret p@ssw0rd
This creates a user (user) with highest privileges and with the password p@ssw0rd

Set enable password

switch1(config)#enable secret abc123
This configures the enable password

Configure remote logging

switch1(config)#logging on
switch1(config)#logging trap debugging
switch1(config)#logging host

This configures the remote logging to the syslog server with the IP address Don’t forget to configure the syslog server accordingly. The log-level here is “debugging” which is rather noisy – change it to something different if you like.