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Still here

I am still here and this Blog is not dead ;)
I was on holiday the last two weeks (which I will talk about in a posting-to-come).
So, expect some more content here in the following days.

Paravirtual Disk for virtual Windows 7

So you just finished setting up your shiny new Windows 7 (or Windows Server 2008) virtual machine in VMWare but forgot to install/use the PVSCSI drivers during setup?
After you change the SCSI controller type from “LSI Logic SAS” to “VMWare Paravirtual” you probably will see the famous “Windows Blue-screen” as soon as you boot the machine. Installing the VMWare Tools/Agent on this machine does not help either so you are stuck on “LSI Logic SAS”? No!

Power down the virtual computer and open the preferences. It probably will look something like this:

VMWare Paravirtual Disks

VMWare Paravirtual Disks

On the picture you see that this virtual PC has one hard disk attached to a SCSI Controller with type “LSI Logic SAS”. If you just change the controller type to “Paravirtual” you will get the mentioned Blue-screen.
Instead of changing the existing controller add a new disk to the VM. Please note that it is important to add the new disk to something greater than SCSI (1:0) because this adds another SCSI controller which you can now change to “VMWare Paravirtual”.
VMWare Paravirtual Disks

VMWare Paravirtual Disks

Now boot up the machine and you should not get the Blue-screen again.
If you haven’t already, install the VMWare tools now.

It seems that Windows just needs to boot up with the “Paravirtual disk” as additional disk to load the appropriate drivers/modules to use it later for the “real” disk.